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Unanswered Prayer ???

Good Morning !!

Unanswered Prayer ??? Mark 11:24, Jesus speaking; "I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours"... Since Jesus said it, it has to be true... Then why do we sometimes refer to the term, "unanswered prayer"... Jesus claims that all prayer is answered... I think sometimes prayers are answered but we lack the eyes to see... I believe another possible issue for us is the intent for which we are praying... or could it just be "want" vs "need" ? To quote PT Forsyth, "We shall come one day to a heaven where we shall gratefully know that some of God's great refusals were sometimes the true answers to our prayers." Do you believe God is good? All the time? Do you believe God has your best interest at heart, no matter how your prayer is answered ? With this kind of faith, it's easier to trust Him when He says, "No." Trust that our Abba Father always hears and answers our prayers and that we have eyes to see... Love you all, blessings, Bill

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