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Serving at NGTD-146

Good Morning !!

Serving at NGTD-146

Just finished serving back in North Georgia on men's team 146...

Was blessed to serve in the Chapel with a stellar group of guys !!!!

As usual, the Holy Spirit showed up and guided us through a tremendous

weekend with 24 candidates... one of which was 100% blind... but a man

full of joy and a pleasure to talk with... always with a big smile...

The team had several old timers that I have served with over the years,

so it was an awesome "old home week" for me to see them all again...

Our Rector and I are long time brothers of serving on a ton of weekends


So very many blessings were had by all the candidates especially during

the Sunday morning chapel time...

All in all, a typically tremendous time with the Holy Spirit leading the way...

You all have a great week...

Love you all,



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