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Holy Ground !!!

Good Morning !!

Holy Ground !!! So, what do you consider Holy Ground ? I see it as a place where I originally met Christ... that place where I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior... surrendering all to Him... It may be the same for you, or it may be that place where you go to regularly meet Him with questions, worship, just to talk, prayer, etc... That place for me is Starbucks early in the morning where I have my quiet time... Two of my son's have a war room in their home... it's that place where they take off their sandals and sit in front of the Father to feel his big arms wrapped around them and soak in His Glory, Peace, wisdom and Friendship... Where's your Holy Ground ? Do you have that place you can go ? If now, please consider finding and making a place that is special Holy Ground for you... You won't regret it, I promise.... Love you all, blessings, Bill

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