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Being Honored !!

Good Morning !!

Being Honored !! Just want to share with you all... Last week, I, among a few other Vietnam veterans were taken to Washington DC to be honored for our military service, and especially for our time participating in the Vietnam war... We were given a police and Patriot Guard Riders escort everywhere we went... They blocked traffic everywhere, even on the freeways for our motorcade... In DC, we visited the World War 2 Memorial, the Korean War memorial, the Air Force memorial, and Last but not least, the Vietnam Wall... We visited Abe Lincoln's statue and the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier, etc... As a part of the tribute to us, all 24 of us veterans were assigned a Guardian that was with us the entire time... We represented all the branches of military service... Even though it was a wonderful honor, it dredged up some painful memories that have been buried for decades... We made new acquaintances and found that some of us lived fairly close to each other... I, for one, am so very thankful for being allowed to return home alive and will forever be grateful to those who stood for us and and paid the tremendous price of life... I humbly ask you to always stand tall for our flag and pay respects for those men and women that gave all for us to live free !!!! Thank you very much to those of you that were contacted and able to send a note to me on the trip... I will forever save them... I am so honored to call all of you my brothers and sister.... Love you all, blessings, Bill

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