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Good Morning !!

ENOUGH !!! Well, how much IS enough ? We tend to act like More is Better... But it isn't !! The starting point is to define how much is enough for you and yours. We can always get by with less, but aside from that, what is enough for the key areas of life ? MONEY - how much do you really need to support your church, provide for your family, and live comfortably ? FAMILY - how much time will;l; you invest in your wife and kids ? HEALTH - Do you have a plan for healthy eating and adequate exercise ? TIME - Do you steward your time well ? Or do you spend it recklessly, wondering why you can't seem, to fit in quiet time, family time or anything else ? If you never define enough, you'll screw up your life mindlessly chasing More. You might end up exhausted, empty, and without !!! CHOSE WISELY.... Love you all, blessings, Bill

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