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The Living Bible....

Good Morning !!

The Living Bible....

It seems that almost every time I go into a Christian book store, there is a new translation available...

Some really packed with great information about various subjects, maps of the Holy land, concordances, etc.... Some just bare bones bible without anything extra to help the reader understand better...

Has it occurred to you that you may be the only "Bible" some people have ever seen ? !!! That your talk and actions in the various situations you encounter show them how a "Christian" responds !!

Although they see Christians in the news and TV preachers, what they see isn't always very positive... You may be the only one they can interact with in person... So, what kind of representation of Christianity are you exhibiting ?

What would people say about God based on what they see of your life ?

Basically, what does the Bible say, according to YOU ? !!!

Be the real Bible to someone today !!!!

Love you all,



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